Financial Planning

Expensive Gaps, Duplicated Efforts and Missed Opportunities

The biggest source of financial conflicts is inadequate cohesive planning processes. The second source is lack of robust communication of integrated plans among your financial allies.

Life quickly gets complicated when so many financial service professionals come into play: CPAs, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, investment advisors, attorneys, annuity agents, bankers, etc..

You’ve successfully accumulated insurance policies, investment accounts, annuity contracts, will and trust documents, rental properties, different pension plans, etc.

It’s only natural to ask, “Why the continued chronic concern about our financial security?

Solution: Clarity and focus are the building blocks for financial achievement.

Getting clarity begins with our Cornerstone VissionsTM Process.

Maximizing Your Resources With Holistic Financial Planning

At Advisory Group West, our goal is to provide clarity, education and coordination that allows you to feel confident when we build you a cohesive plan aimed at improving your current and future overall financial wellbeing.

What We Do To Help

First things first. You get to begin by establishing a clear and broad context for discussion that helps you frame your financial future with our Cornerstone Vissions™ Strategy Sessions. This is done by clearly demonstrating to you how aligning your financial priorities with your personal values stimulates powerful impetus and momentum. During this two-part series, you’ll quickly learn how planning well first, can allow you to invest with greater confidence because each choice you make is being aligned with what is important to you. Knowing what you are investing in should ultimately allow you to live well, because you’re no longer leaving things to chance. You’re now controlling what should be controllable.

Addressing Your Critical Financial Questions

During your planning process, you’ll want answers to so many rational concerns, such as:
  • How close are we to meeting our lifestyle retirement dreams?
  • How on target is our current trajectory?
  • How can I prepare for healthcare costs in retirement?
  • Where can we find tax efficiencies?
  • How can I prepare for future taxes?
  • How can we control elder care costs?
  • Are my affairs organized clearly enough for my successor trustee?
  • If I died tomorrow, are the people and causes I care most certain to benefit as I intended?

Next Steps

Need resources to help organize, prioritize and optimize all the pieces in your financial life?

You’ve come to the right place. To learn more, schedule your Complimentary Cornerstone Vissions™ Strategy Session today.

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