Investment Planning

Clarity of Purpose When Investing Energizes In Ways Just Saving Blindly Can't

There’s a wealth of financial vehicles, products and services available on the market today, from stock, bonds, separately managed accounts, mutual funds to Real Estate Investment Trusts and annuities, etc, each promising various returns and benefits with costs and considerations attached.

At Advisory Group West, everything we do is rooted in purposeful financial planning driven by your priorities. Clarity of purpose most likely will involve three functions you’ll want to consider for your money to serve your total financial wellbeing: Asset Protection, Lifetime Income and Diversified Investment.

Step 1: Asset Protection, Which Reviews And "Right Sizes" Your Protection Strategies And Tactics, Including:

  • Savings – for predictable but periodic expenses
  • Reserves – for unpredictable but plausible expenses
  • Emergency provisions – for unpredictable and improbable expenses
  • Crisis coverage provisions – for catastrophic and implausible expenses
  • Auto/home insurance – for ‘right sizing’ and containing costs
  • Providing survivorship income – for survivor’s livelihood
  • Earnings protection – for family livelihood
  • Maximizing Social Security – for the program’s best use
  • Reducing elder care costs – for containing your largest, uncapped, financial liability

Step 2: Lifetime Income Plans, Which Aim To Reach And Maintain Your Lifestyle Throughout Retirement.

Depending upon where you are in your career and retirement timelines, this includes:

  • Pre-retirees: Determining trajectories for meeting your retirement lifestyle goals
  • Retirees: Earmarking and investing funds for your immediate lifetime income needs in reliable and tax-managed ways

Step 3: Diversified Investments Managed For Growth Opportunities

Having asset protection and lifetime income trajectories in place, we can explore building portfolios designed to maximize tax-efficiencies which are appropriate for your risk tolerance. Learn more about the importance of tax-reduction strategies in retirement.

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