What Does a Personal Finance Advisor Do?

July 19, 2019

What Can a Personal Financial Advisor Provide Me? 

If you have a do-it-yourself mentality or have been managing your finances for some time, you may not realize the benefit of hiring a professional.  If you seem to be doing alright, why fix something that isn’t broken?

It’s little like doing your own taxes.   Doing tax returns yourself may “save money” short term.  Except you won’t know it’s ‘broken’ until you experience losses.  You won’t know you’ve “graduated” to a higher level of need until you after you’ve missed out on hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, as well as losing.  

It’s like you won’t know you should have used a CPA until after you miss out on tax savings.   

An advisor’s role is helping families make choices with a better chance of financial success before regrettable mistakes happen.  

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A personal financial advisor can provide you seasoned perspective, resources, tools and objectivity that can address so many challenges money management will present.  An incomplete picture can make you feel you’re “doing just fine,” not knowing you don’t have access to key elements for increasing successes chances. Additionally, a financial advisor can provide you a systematic and informed means of creating viable financial strategies. 

We at AGW break it down like this: 

  • Planning well
  • Investing well 
  • Living well 

Planning Well 

You may currently have a plan. How do you gauge how well they’re serving you? Is it the most productive, proactive and strategic planning that won’t conflict with other plans? A personal financial advisor can help you create a plan that truly addresses your current status as well as your likely future crossroads and goals.

Investing Well

With sound plans in place, you can increase the chances of investing well. Investing well can mean a lot of different things depending on the blogs and articles you read and videos you watch online.  Investing well is never a one-size-fits-all solution. In other words, to invest in the most strategic and potentially successful ways, you need to have an investment plan tailored to your needed asset protection strategies, your financial goals and other personal elements. 

Living Well

This is a straightforward concept. In order to have a better chance of achieving the lifestyle that you want for your future, as well as possibly enhancing your current state of mind, you must plan well and invest well. You cannot live well without thorough planning and strategic investments.

Cornerstone Vissions™ Complimentary Strategy Sessions

Based on this approach of planning well to invest well, the personal financial advisors of Advisory Group West have created the Cornerstone Vissions™ Complimentary Strategy Sessions that can help propel you toward your financial goals. “Vissions” is a term we developed to signify our goal of unifying your visions and missions, “effectively igniting your dreams into action.” These complimentary strategy sessions include: 

  • Session 1: Envisioning Your Priorities and Opportunities that Qualify “What’s Important to You.”
  • Session 2: Advancing Solutions that Quantify Your Priorities

By acquiring the professional guidance of a personal financial advisor, you’ll be introduced to resources, experience and perspectives that could help you advance towards a brighter financial future, as well as identify the benefits of previously untapped financial advantages you already have. 

To learn more about our process and our complimentary Cornerstone Vissions™ Strategy Sessions, visit our website and make an appointment with us in Glendale.