Delivering a Holistic Planning Experience

Financial planning is a deeply integrated science. An experienced, coordinated approach is needed to maximize opportunities and avoid overlap or gaps in your plans. Upon completing your complimentary Cornerstone Vissions™ Strategy Sessions, we are available to assist in one more of the following ways

Dynamic Module INVESTMENT PLANNING composed of three distinct recurring benefit stages:

1. Asset protection – first, “right size” your
protection strategies and tactics:

  • Savings – predictable but periodic expenses
  • Reserves – unpredictable but plausible expenses
  • Emergency – unpredictable but implausible expenses
  • Crisis coverage – catastrophic but improbable expenses
  • Auto/home insurance – cost containment tactics
  • Providing survivorship income
  • Earnings protection
  • Maximizing Social Security
  • Reducing elder care costs

2. Diversified Investments for risk – and tax-managed growth opportunities

Investment Planning

3. Lifetime income plans to reach and maintain your lifestyle throughout retirement

Investment Planning

  • Pre-retirees: Determining trajectories for meeting retirement goals (Read More)
  • Retirees: Earmarking and investing funds for immediate tax-managed lifetime income needs (Read More)

Project Module ESTATE PLANNING composed of one or more of three distinct benefit stages:

1. Improving estate structure with better informed choices and reduced asset coordination issues

  • No conflicts in ownership, titling, beneficiary and trust distribution intentions
  • Enhanced powers, flexibility and tax efficiency in trust documents

2. Preparing to eliminate, reduce, and/or discount the impact of all estate transfer costs including estate taxes, gift taxes, generation skipping taxes, etc.

  • For larger estates ($10M+), survivorship life insurance in irrevocable trusts is common

3. Legacy planning to provide for people or causes you support

*AGW does not provide legal advice, therefore will work with your attorney to help facilitate estate planning.

Estate Planning


Composed of developing plans for business owners to separate from their businesses via internal transfer to key employees, partners, or external sale to competitors.

Selling a Business

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