Framing your financial future begins with two Cornerstone Vissions™ strategy sessions.

Securing your financial future is not a ‘one and done’ affair. Successfully integrating your resources without training, tools or experienced perspective is never easy. You’ve probably felt the frustration of wondering how you can wrestle this work alone.

Organizing and prioritizing first, should ease planning and allow more focused investment choices.

Organizing and prioritizing during your initial complimentary strategy sessions begins to align your financial priorities with your personal values.

We call it a Cornerstone VissionsTM Process. The term “Vissions” unites your family visions and missions.

When complete, you’ll likely come away anticipating igniting your dreams into action.
See each session described below.

Cornerstone Vissions™ Complimentary Strategy Sessions 

Session 1: Envisioning Your Priorities and Opportunities that Qualify “What’s Important to You.”

During this interactive introduction, you get to discover, envision, and verbalize your financial values, priorities, and missions. For couples, you’ll learn what’s important about money to each partner and what they want to accomplish with money, and we’ll help convert those intangible visions into prioritized mutual missions. By the end of this session, you’ll have a complete inventory of your resources, including your time, effort, assets, benefits, investments, and similar. To begin coordinating those resources to meet your definition of financial security, we create a tangible deliverable that visually illustrates your unique goals and milestones to live the life you want.

Session 2: Advancing Solutions that Quantify Your Priorities

Having established a clear understanding of where you want to go, during your second strategy session we can begin to identify specific obstacles or patterns preventing your progress and threats that may potentially arise in the future. You get to learn what to leave in place, where to make improvements that match your intentions, and what to revisit later. Based on improvements you feel enthusiastic about, we will propose a financial planning fee to engage in one or more ways, based on your individual needs and interests.

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