Arleta Hacopian, FPQP™

Arleta Hacopian, FPQP™

Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professionalâ„¢, Client Relations Manager

Arleta Hacopian has been an excellent client relations manager with the firm since 2002. She’s in charge of our clients’ financial services; making certain our clients’ needs are handled promptly and meticulously. In addition to overseeing transactional details, financial calculations, such as required minimum distributions (RMDs), and assistance with planning, Arleta oversees all of the back-office support. Our clients know that they are well cared for at Advisory Group West.

Arleta is a graduate of California State University, Northridge, with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance with a concentration in financial services. She is a Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™from the College for Financial Planning, a life agent and a State of California commissioned notary public. Her commitment to her career shows how she is especially qualified in the areas of service our clients’ value.

Arleta is a very social person who enjoys the company of her friends of many years as often as she can when she is not with her family. She likes traveling and tries seeing new places as often as possible.